What is ThinkWise?

In a rapid changing world where technological advances change the demands on innovation and thinking skills almost on a daily basis, the learning landscape and approaches to developing thinking in our children also has to change.

Neuroscience has proven that windows of opportunity exist in young children’s brains to build the basis for neural networks that will determine thinking patterns and the effectiveness of future learning. This is why we develop ThinkWise.

Thinking skills can be taught and it is essential that we intervene at an early age, and equip our young children with structures that will help them to think effectively and grow their thinking skills exponentially in the future. At the same time, we know that thinking and emotions are linked, ThinkWise therefore also supports the development of social and emotional skills – which are both widely recognised as essential to future success in learning and relationships with others.

ThinkWise for Teachers

Children are introduced to 10 thinking strategies through activities designed to enrich learning across curriculum. Many of the resources required for implementation are included in the resources pack, and examples of how these activities can be extended and assessed are also included.

Since we consider the different developmental stages of children aged 4 to 7, the programme also guides teachers on scaffolding and extending the activities to support individual learning needs.

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ThinkWise for Parents

The programme provides extension activities for parents to be implemented at home. It is essential that parents and caregivers are involved and reinforce the use of the thinking strategies in different situations and environments that young people find themselves in.

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