The ThinkWise Programme is most effective if teachers and parents work in partnership to support their children in developing critical and creative thought. It is important for parents to be aware of the programme and its objectives, and to understand how the programme is integrated into the curriculum.

The ThinkWise Programme creates opportunities for:

Sharing children’s work with parents through their ThinkWise Learning Journal and prominently displaying charts, posters and photographs.

Sharing children’s success and progress through stickers and sticker charts.

Providing parents with verbal or written feedback in relation to their children’s progress.

Parent Activity Pack

The ThinkWise Parent Activity Pack has been designed for you to support the development of your child’s thinking skills at home, and will enable you to extend and enhance the learning that takes place in the classroom. The pack provides activities which can easily be carried out with parents. family members and caregivers.

The Parent Activity Pack consists of:

Parent Pack Information Booklet

Provides and overview

50 Activity Cards

Provides activities that can easily be practised at home with parents, family members and caregivers

Downloadable Resources

Provides additional activities

The ThinkWise Activity Cards gives step-by-step instructions and ideas for you to use with your children to help develop the use of the ten ThinkWise thinking structures. The activity cards are categorised for you to use in different environments:

Story Time
At Home
In the Car
Out and About

It is a good idea to keep on practising an activity until you can see your child using the thinking structure independently. The structures also build in complexity, and some of the easier structures and their related characters will help extend thinking as you move through the programme.

Reward Stickers

Sticker Chart

Question Flashcards

What a joy to visibly see the transformation from passive to active engagement, and above it all - the kids simply love it!

Ms. Vanitha SamuelNew Life Community Centre, Malaysia

Learners have improved their communication skills and the way they observe and interpret learning opportunities.

Ms. Hannelie BerrangePrincipal, PEPPS Motheong Primary School, South Africa

Comprehensive, well-structured and highly-attractive - ThinkWise makes learning fun for children, their families, and for teachers.

Ms. Helen BarrettFounder & Director, On Route Education Consultancy, United Kingdom