Mr. Jack Moran

Program Manager, Reimagine Education Awards & Conference

“As the world becomes more complex, there will be a desperate need for more creative thinkers, more critical thinkers, and more thinkers comfortable with complexity. Our Awards program is designed to reward those doing most to nurture those thinkers – and RITE Education’s ThinkWise program is an exciting, well-evidenced methodology in this space. In particular, our independent judges and Steering Committee both valued the innovative integration and adaptation of (Harvard Graduate School of Education) Project Zero’s ‘Thinking Dispositions’ framework, and the adaptability of the ThinkWise curriculum to diverse groups of learners.”

Ms. Vanitha Samuel

New Life Community Centre, Malaysia

“The ThinkWise characters give the children a contextual bridge to activate their thought patterns.”

“I am easily able to adapt and apply the comprehensive resources for my varied group of young learners.”

“What a joy to visibly see the transformation from passive to active engagement, and above it all – the kids simply love it!”

Ms. Hannelie Berrange

Principal, PEPPS Motheong Primary School, South Africa

“Changes are visible in the way teachers facilitate other learning activities because of the strategies they use while facilitating ThinkWise.”

“Learners love the characters – it is becoming a way of living for them, applying the thinking strategies without being asked.”

“Learners have improved their communication skills and the way they observe and interpret learning opportunities.”

Ms. Helen Barrett

Founder & Director, On Route Education Consultancy, United Kingdom

“ThinkWise is a unique and innovative programme for teaching critical and creative thinking skills as an approach to life and as an approach to learning.”

“The programme is grounded in research and evidence of what works well in the classroom and at home, offering a perfect foundation for early learners.”

“Comprehensive, well-structured and highly-attractive – ThinkWise makes learning fun for children, their families, and for teachers.”