Our Team


Elmarié Potgieter

Elmarié is the founder of RITE Education Group. She has led various projects worldwide in Education Transformation, Curriculum Development, as well as Leadership and Pedagogical Training, for over two decades. In 2019, she was awarded the Women Leaders Award for her services in education. She is also a regular international keynote speaker on emotional intelligence, mindfulness and thinking skills development.


Rebecca Hayday

Rebecca has extensive educational experience in both a teaching and an advisory capacity in the UK and internationally. She has provided guidance and professional learning opportunities to early years educators and school leadership teams, and has been involved in multiple school transformation projects. Rebecca has designed and delivered multiple training courses and authored a range of Early Years teaching materials.

Graphic Designer

Tasha Ong

Tasha is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator who builds beautiful visual identities for ethical products and brands. She is skilled in developing logos and icons, as well as designing cohesive marketing collateral for both digital and print. 

Business Lead

Abelene Phua

Abelene is a passionate educator, writer and training specialist with experience of teaching and creating learning content for a wide range of learners. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Educational Leadership and Management, aspiring to impact education by inspiring inquisitive, eager and resilient learners.